Channelers 4e

Under 4E, Channelers are not a specific class. Instead, any class with channel divinity powers does not use the class channel divinity powers. The channeled powers instead come from the specific spirits a character attunes to. Therefore, any channeling class can get the same channeled powers if they attune to the same spirit. Note that some spirits might be less likely to attune to certain classes, however.

The channeled powers and feats for all classes are essentially pooled and any given spirit will grant one channeled power (sometimes two for greater spirits). Additional powers may be constructed for specific spirits as well. For each channeled power, select one channeled power described in any class description or a feat that grants a domain power (from the Arcane Power supplement). Additionally, for each channeled power (or domain power feat), the character can also select a non-power feat.

At levels 1 to 3, a channeler can attune to 2 spirits. At levels 4 to 7, they can attune to 3 spirits and at level 8 and higher, they can attune to 4 spirits. At levels 4, 8, 12 and every 4th level after that they can drop a spirit without any penalty.

See channeler attunement for how to engage a spirit to gain these powers. See Gods and Spirits for more on spirits. The Guide to Spirits gives players an idea of what sort powers spirits will grant

Viktoria is an avenger and avengers get two channeled powers. She selects spirits that give her:
The Avenger divine guideance power
The Immediate Justice* at which gives her the Immediate Justice Channel Divinity power.
The Power of Knowledge* feat which gives her a +2 bonus on history checks and a bonus on the avenger at-will leading strike
The Power of Fate* feat which gives her a +2 bonus on insight checks and a bonus on the avenger at-will bond of retribution
*These are from the Arcane Power supplement.

The Term "Channeler"

Since spirits are a very important part of life in the world, anyone with connections to spirits is often called a Channeler. In game terms, multiple classes allow for channeling but rather than speak of a Warden or Cleric, it is much more common to address that person as a Channeler.

Other Spirit-linked Classes

Some classes, such as shaman, have a tight connection to spirits as well, although they do not have channeled powers in the 4E sense. These classes may also attune to spirits. How the attunement manifests in their class abilities depends on the specific class.

Shamans and Spirits

Shamans attune to spirits like a channeling class. They do not gain channeled powers but the attunement does affect their spirits. Cosmetically, their spirits take a form appropriate to the spirit. This gives Mithlond's Shaman's spirits a much wider range of form as forms such as earth elemental, treant and so on are common. Despite the outward form, they use the general spirit templates in the PHB and supplements.

In addition to the change of form, the spirit confers situation specific bonuses appropriate to the spirit. Examples:

  • A wood spirit might grant a +1 to attack rolls in a woodland setting
  • A water spirit might grant +2 to healing effects within a certain distance of the type of water associated with the spirit (sea, marsh, river, spring, etc.)
  • An earth spirit might grant +2 damage when the shaman or spirit stands on solid rock

Shaman can attune to the same number of spirits as channeled classes. This gives them multiple spirits to choose from when summoning their spirit.

Spirit Followers

People who channel spirits are usually called priests or channellers although there are lots of spirits and lots of ways to honor them so they are also called acolytes, devotees, "one who honors <spirit so-and-so>", etc.

When a group of people worship a spirit at the focus of that spirit, the name for that group varies by the nature of the site. Those who honor a tree spirit will often be called "a grove", used in the same way one uses the term "coven." Those with more formal sites might be a called "a temple". The term "retreat" is often used for gathers that are more isolated, like a monastery on earth although the term monastery is not used in Mithlond.


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