Channelers (Priests)


The Mithlond setting does not use the cleric and druid classes. Instead, there is the channeler class. The formal name of the class is channeler although in common usage, they are most often called priest.

The channeler is much like the classic D&D cleric except that his power comes from multiple spirits, rather than a single god. Spirits teach the channeler spells (when they level) but also provide powers and additional spells similar to the cleric’s domains. Channelers receive no powers from gods. See Gods and Spirits for more information on spirits and the gods.

The channeler is someone gifted with the ability to commune with spirits at a distance. The old man in the village who can foretell the weather is a channeler. So is the adventurer who can cast a host of spells and has powers from multiple spirits.

Those requiring healing have only these recourses:

  • Visit a spirit (usually at its shrine if it has one).
  • Use the healing skill.
  • Use healing herbs, potions made from these herbs or other similar healing materials.
  • Use the healing powers of a spirit channeled through a channeler. That is, have the channeler cast a healing spell on them.

Alignment: There are no alignment restrictions on channelers. The spirits are most often neutral so a neutral alignment can help with attuning to spirits but channelers are of any alignment.

Background: Spirits are being of the natural world and channelers usually come from those closer to the natural order of things. A channeler is more likely to come from a family of farmers than blacksmiths, woodsmen than farmers, etc. Elves are the most common channelers.

Roles: The channeler fills the role of a classic D&D cleric or druid depending on their exact temperament and the spirits they attune to. In human society channlers are consulted on matter of law and punishment. To serve this role, it is wise of a human channeler character to take ranks in the Knowledge(human customs) skill.

Game Rule Information

Abilities: Wisdom determines how powerful a spell a channeler can cast, how many spells she can cast per day, and how hard those spells are to resist. Channelers must influence spirits for new powers so Charisma can be useful as well. Adventuring channelers will desire strong constitution scores as well.

Alignment: Channelers can be any alignment. Note that each step of difference from the spirit’s alignment makes it more difficult to attune to a spirit and makes it harder to gain additional spells from that spirit. For this reason, channelers tend to neutral.

Hit dice: d8.

Class Skills

A channeler’s class skills are Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Heal, Knowledge(nature), Knowledge(spirits), Profession, Spellcraft. Spirits will often grant additional skills as class skills.

Skill Points at 1st Level: (4 + Int modifier) x 4.

Skill Points at each additional level : 4 + Int modifier.

Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Channelers are proficient with all simple weapons, with all light and medium armor and with shields (except tower shields). Certain spirits may grant additional proficiencies.

Base Attack Bonus and Base Saving Throws: Channelers use the druid BAB and saving throw progression.

Spells: A channeler uses the druid spell progression table. Wisdom is the governing attribute for channeler spell-casting. Channelers learn all spells from their attuned spirits (Channeler Attunement). Some spirits will grant spontaneous casting ability for certain spells. Channelers cannot cast a spell until a spirit has taught them the particular spell.

Spirit Attunement: Starting at level 1, channelers can attune to 2 spirits. Every three levels, a channeler may add one spirit attunement (to a maximum of four spirits) or replace a spirit. A spirit or channeler may voluntarily sever an attunement. See Channeler Attunement for more details. Spirit attunement provides a source of spells for training for each level and often grants additional powers.

Class Non-features

Just to be clear, many abilities formerly associated with clerics and druids are not channeler base abilities. As base abilities, Channelers cannot turn or rebuke undead, do not get extra domain spells, cannot wild shape, do not have animal companions and cannot spontaneously cast spells. However, many spirits will grant these or similar powers.

Spirit Attunement

See Channeler Attunement for details on spirit attunement.


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