Draft Results

Draft Figure Beast Master
1st Major Arcana Card The Hermit You have a close relationship with a wise person. This person can be a trainer who will train you for no cost. Additionally, the person can provide valuable, insightful advice. At every even level, the person will give you a magic item appropriate to your class and level.
2nd Major Arcana Card The High Priestess You are the child of a spirit. You can add a +1 to two different abilities as long as you do not raise a score past 20. You also gain resist 5 (increasing by 5 at each tier) to an energy type appropriate to your spirit-parent. Your spirit-parent takes a special interest in you and will sometimes direct his channelers and worshippers to aid you.
1st Court Card Queen of Cups You are very attractive and gain a +2 on diplomacy checks in the appropriate settings. See notes.
2nd Court Card Ace of Wands Level 3 wondrous item
1st Minor Card 7 of Wands Voice of command: you are used to ordering others around. In situations where you are clearly of superior rank, you gain a +2 on skill checks.
2nd Minor Cart 4 of Wands Seducer/ seductress. You have a long string of conquests in your wake. You gain a +2 on any skill checks related to seduction. This stacks with other tarot card bonuses that may affect diplomacy.


An only child of a peasant couple (Edward and Sheena) he was born just after the couple resettled in Mammen, a hamlet outside of Skara. When Edward and Sheena arrived rumors about he couple started as Sheena was a young beautiful woman with fair skin, while Edward was an older weathered farmer. The rumors only grew larger and more outlandish when Kier was born as he had very dark hair and darker skin than either of his parents. As Kier grew he was undeniably a handsome boy and seemed able to get his way in most things. Despite the strangeness of the family they were accepted into the community by virtue of their hard work and seeming good fortune – especially with crops.

At about age 10 Kier went missing and though the village searched the area no trace could be found. This started anew round of rumors, some not so nice about how Sheena came to be with this child. The stress took its toll on the couple and Sheena succumbed to an illness a few weeks after Kier disappeared. Battling the dual sadness of his lost Love and child, Edward still held hope for finding his son and searched every evening after tending his crops.

To his surprise Edward found Kier asleep in the barn a few months after his disappearance. Overjoyed at his sons return, Edward rationalized Kier’s much darker skin as exposure and never bothered to question about the strange shine to his sons eyes that manifested randomly.

Needlessly to say, more rumors about the boy sprouted and took hold. Many of these had very dark overtones and people began to avoid Keir and his father.

One evening, in the middle of a storm when all who had any sense were inside sitting by the fire, a knock at the door startled Edward who found his good friend Steven soaked and looking terrified. Before he could say a word Steven blurted that he and Kier had to leave as the some of the town had formed a mob and decided that the recentl crop blight was brought on my Kier and the only way to remove it was to kill Kier.

Edward was appalled and told Steven it was nonsense. To which Steven agreed but listed several strange events that had occurred while Kier was around. Edward had thus far avoided thinking about these events but with sudden clarity new that he must take Kier away. As they prepared to leave a sudden break in the weather revealed a mob much too close to the house. In desperation, Edward begged Steven to take his son to safety while he dealt with the mob.

While Edward went to confront the mob Steven slipped out the back with Kier. When they were a safe distance Steven told Kier to go to Steven’s house while he went to rejoin the mob so he would not be implicated.

Kier did not leave though and watched Steven slip back into the mob as they reached Edward who was out in front of his house. Kier could hear his father’s voice, arguing with the leaders and telling them that the boy was not home. This was not what they wanted to hear and as Edward was restrained, the mob entered the cottage and searched it and not finding the boy set it ablaze.

When the fire took, the earth began to shake and the mob fled in fear as did Kier. Later that night Kier returned to look for his father but only found a mostly burned cottage. As dawn approached Kier heard some villagers coming and fled into the country side where he wandered avoiding people not really knowing what to do.

Late into the third night, Kier stumbled into a camp. There was a very small cooking fire and a older woman tending it. Kier was at first frightened but hunger won and soon he was a sleep by the fire with a full stomach and bundled in warm blankets. When he awoke he was in a wagon and it was gently swaying as it made way.

Shortly after he woke the wagon was stopped and he overheard angry voices demanding to search the wagon. Fear gripped Kier as he remembered the voices from the mob. The Old woman told them to leave and they did. When Kier peaked out through the canvas, he saw a young woman, dressed in the same clothes and the old woman as the night before. Sleep over took him suddenly and when we was awake the wagon had stopped.

When Kier emerged from the wagon he found a woman not much older than his mother, tending a cooing fire. The aroma of whatever was in the pot trumped all his questions and he was soon gorging on the delicious stew. After he finished the Lady introduced herself as Rose and said she was taking Kier to a man who would help him remember. Not knowing what else to do Kier brawled into bed hoping that he wake and see his father.

In the Moring a man was in camp and Rose introduced him as Timbusee. Timbusee told Kier that he had been sent to teach him all he needed to know. For no reason or perhaps lack of any thing else to do, he went with Timbusee and for the next few years was instructed in the art of harnessing the power of what Timbusee called “allies” but to Kier were devils straight out of the stories that kids are told to keep them in line. In addition, Timbusee took great pains to expose Kier to as much art and beauty as possible as they traveled.

During this time Kier had dreams that he could not remember upon waking. He had a feeling he should be able to remember but could not.

On his 16th birthday, or so he was told by Kier, they were in an area that looked familiar. Timbusee set up camp and told Kier they were meeting someone later that evening. At dusk a man walked into camp dressed in dusty robes. He had a strange but intriguing gait. As the stranger approached, he lifted his eyes from the road and met Kiers gaze. It was like an explosion went off in Kier’s head and he fell to the ground. Instantly his head was filled with images. He know this man but he could not voice how. He knew it was his father, he knew this ‘man’ seduced his mother, he ‘saw’ images of his life as if from a watched from afar, he remembered the time he was ‘lost’ and what had transpired.

When he could think again, he gazed upon the visitor and could speak his name. This creature, this spirit of the earth was Chiram his father. The rumors were true, his mother was ravaged by this spirit for no reason than her beauty. All the good fortune his family had was because of this being. And now that Kiev was old enough his father had come to his son, not because he was his offspring but because he was beautiful. Kier knew all this but could not put it into words.

Strangely none of this bothered Kier, it was just the natural way of things. From that time on Kier embraced the teachings of Timbusee and partook of the art – in what ever form it was offered.

When he was 17 Timbusee sent him to discover the world for himself. Kier was given some means and told to experience life and all it has to offer. Timbusee made it clear that if he needed advice or help he could seek him out.

Kier left his teachers company and headed to [Human settlement] and quickly began his ‘discoveries’. It was not long before he knew and was known by many people in the city. From time to time he would go on an adventure only to return to Skara to pursue the next beauty that he encountered. For the next few years this pattern was repeated and he visited Timbusee a few times.

On his latest visit, he found Timbusee at the location he met his father years before. As it happened the last time, at dusk his father arrived and they had a “conversation”. Though it seemed to last only a second, the sun was rising when his father left. Kier could clearly “see” what he and his father had ‘talked’ about but could not put it into words.

When he left Timbusee this time, Kiev had a feeling that his time at Skara was through and he should discover other places and people.


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