Bardic Sagas

This is just a sampling of bard sagas current in the Trionesse region. There are tens of sagas related to the gods alone.

Title Subject
Hastein's Hallburning King Hastein of Skara's burning of the Narsaaq hall in 5980
Moibeal and Hrodgeir (human) Long saga about the love of the elvish Moibeal and the human Hrodgeir, dispossed lord of Iarlakolm. Covers how they reclaimed his throne, her "recapture" by her elvish kin, his rescue of her and their early death facing both human and elvish foes.
Moibeal and Hrodgeir (elvish) Similar to the human version but shorter and has them living to old age.
The Coming of the Sea Concerns the Cataclysm and resulting floods and destruction of most of the regional towns
Lor's Challenge to Skallagrim A duel fought between thge god's Lor and Skallagrim after Skallagrim caused the death of Lor's love. Lor defeated Skallagrim's six attacks but knew Skallagrim would never accept defeat and took the seventh thrust in his chest. Skallagrim nursed Lor back to health.
Armies of the Dead A cycle of five long sagas describing the rise of the armies of the dead after the fall of the Dwaro Empire and their ultimate defeat at the hands of King Algor, founder of the Algorand Empire
Defense of Kilasta Tells of Kilasta's early days as an outpost in elvish lands and the battles fought defending it from the elves
The Burning of Lafoten and the Vengence of Sif Paired tales of the dragon attack on Lafoten and the female-warrior Sif's slaying of the dragon in the ruins of the town.
Gold of Zvakar This saga tells of King Zvakar of Wilska's travels in foreign lands that earned him the wealth to seize the Wilska throne. However, they are not performed much lately (except in his hall) as he had become cruel and a poor host. The bards instead sing satirical songs that do not favor him.
Wooing of Queen Kolfinna Kolfinna is the young, unmarried queen of rich Hvalsey. Though the songs are not yet a saga, they will clearly be turned into one once she is wedded. In the meantime, there are many simple songs favoring or mocking one suitor or another.
Taming of the Griffin Tells of Trond, son of King Skorri of Mammen, and how he came to have a griffin mount.
Coming of the Dragonlords Tells of the Dragonlord Tanabra and his founding of the the Tanabra tower
Roneeth and Hartac Tells of Roneeth's slaying of the evil wizard Hartac, creator of the Wharram tower
Feast of Bittan Tells of a hero who journeyed to the Bittan ruins at the dead of winter twilight and joined a feast hosted by the dead


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