Draft Results

Draft Figure Bael
1st Major Arcana Card Temperance You have shown the gift of diplomacy since an early age. +2 to charisma.
2nd Major Arcana Card The Sun You are clever with creations and rituals. The material cost of any alchemical, ritual or item you create or repair is half the normal cost. Furthermore, you gain a +2 bonus in all knowledge skills (arcana, history, dungeoneering, and religion). If your class does not give you ritual casting you gain a limited form of the various creation rituals that only lets you create items appropriate to your class (warrior would be able to create weapons and armors, etc.).
1st Court Card Ace of Cups You have studied in a great library, which gives you a +2 to a knowledge your choice of history, religion or arcana.
2nd Court Card Ace of Coins Toughness (PHB) Gain 5 extra hit points per tier.
1st Minor Card 5 of Wands Sychophant. You played the role of sychophant or observed a skilled one. You gain +2 on skill checks for any attempt to persaude or influence someone of clearly superior rank.
2nd Minor Cart 5 of Swords Swimmer: many summer hours in pools and streams have made you a fast swimmer. You gain +1 on your swim speed and +2 on any skill checks related to swimming.


Bael spent her younger years in Skara laughing, playing, and living the life provided by her craftsman parents. She was always daddy's girl and there seemed to be nothing that she could not get him to agree to with the proper application or a smile, pout, or even some tears. Summers were spent with the other children in and around streams and rivers. Swimming, fishing, and avoiding chores were in high favor among them. She was a bit of a tom-boy and wasn't afraid to get a little rough and tumble, even with the guys. This earned her some bruises, scrapes, and the respect of the boys.

Growing up in a house with two craftspeople impressed upon her the importance of creativity, innovation, and conservation of the resources at her disposal. She tricks of the trade from her parents on how to create things using less expensive materials, or reusing materials in new ways. These abilities kept her parents in favor with the lords who commissioned them for works.

It was noticed during these formative years that Bael had a talent for resolving disputes among the children of the area and even among customers of her parent's shop. When she was old enough, she was taken into the fostership of a bard and taught the use of instruments, the inspiration of others through song and story, and the laws, rituals, and religious details necessary to be a bard.

She learned well and learned quickly. Her abilities were noticed by King Hastein and she was employeed in his service as an ambassador. She spent a number of years travelling the area studying the cultures and local laws and religions of the regions and races of the area. This afforded her access to the churches, libraries, wizard's towers all throughout the Trionesse area. She negotiated difficult treaties, succeeding where others had failed. These experiences helped her learn to stroke the egos of kings and lords without them realizing that they were also being herded in the direction she chose like so many sheep.

Bael was out of the city on service of the king when he was killed and King Gunther succeeded him. Currently she is still in favor of the throne of Skara. She has not yet received a summons to return to the new king, but expects it is likely to happen.

The Underworld Years

Bael spent her years in the Underworld filling her voracious appetite for knowledge and power. Having found others that shared some of her more unique qualities and abilities, she finally felt a sense of comfort that had escaped her since she first discovered her own Tiefling traits. Some of the Tiefling were able to help her better harness and focus her innate abilities. She spent quite some time in Kaliantroc and endearing herself to Conteeze while gathering influence among the inhabitants.

She used that influence to help smooth over relationships with many local Dwaro. This earned her much respect among the Dwaro, especially around the city of Lurumesh. She also worked with some of the stoneworkers to create terraces to be used for farming Luns and other food sources, thus reducing their need to brave umberhulks and other dangers for food.

In her travels through the Underworld, she also became fascinated with demons. This fascination led to research into their origins. This research involved discussions with a handful of Drow, some months spent in the demon settlement of Quetta, and many a conversation with Conteeze over a game of stones and a glass of fermented cave slime affectionately referred to as mind fuzz. Her first entrance into Quetta was a very fitful affair as the demons were very wary of outsiders. Her influence that she had gathered with the other Underworld denizens did little to help. She proved herself to them through a series of tasks that darkened her world view by a few more shades. Eventually, Bael learned a bit about demon summoning.

In return for the knowledge, Bael used the relationships that she gained with the Dwaro to help Quetta reinforce its defences by working the stone into fortifications.

The demons in Quetta taught Bael many things including a number of rituals. The Tiefling in Kaliantroc taught her about herself. The Underworld taught her that there were powers not yet known to her and wetted her thirst for more.

Current Status

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