Tempest (Juliana)

Draft Results

Draft Figure Tempest Stat array: rank 3-4
1st Major Arcana Card Death You have learned to cheat death. As encounter, immediate interrupt action, if a blow is about to take you below 1 hit point, you may instead shift 1 square and use a healing surge, avoiding the blow if the shift puts you out of range of the attack.
2nd Major Arcana Card Justice You are banished or outlawed from a kingdom or other power in the campaign region for a crime you did commit. Life on the run has given you heightened sense, though. You gain +5 to intiative, cannot be surprised and don't grant combat advantage.
1st Court Card Knight of Wands Level 2 armor
2nd Court Card King of Swords Close relative of a king or similar high rank person. You might be the third son of the king, for instance.
1st Minor Card 6 of Cups You aided a lord or other powerful person.
2nd Minor Cart 4 of Cups You found the encryption key to an important code.



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